12 Vintage Christmas Photographs

December 25, 2012 /Photography News/ Merry Christmas from Photography News!

Boy on a leash (NYC 1920)
Caught In The Act, 1900s

Soviet Santa Claus 1957
Cook County Hospital in Chicago (1909)
When big children believed in Santa Claus - Baltimore Christmas 1948
Valley Mine Union Supply Company Store sleigh (undated)

Santa Claus Choir (1950)
Sidewalk Santa (New York, 1903)

Christmas in Chicago 1920sChristmas in Chicago 1920s

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  1. Mara says

    Mais ou sont les neiges d'antan?...

    Cristian Dinulescu says

    Doamne, urâţi mai erau moşii ăia! Săracii copii!

    Anonymous says

    The ashtray stand in picture #10 is wicked cool. My fav, though, is the one with santa looking like Gandolph from Lord of the Rings, sitting on the chimney smokin' a bowl!

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