41-year-old festival celebrates winter traditions in Romania

Every year (since 1968) between Christmas and the New Year’s Eve, the Sighetu Marmatiei's center turns into a large carnival, with colorful masks and strange characters such as the Goat, the Whitebeard, Lady Death or the three Magi parading along the crowded streets. Peasants dressed in traditional costumes parade in the town centre, horse riders and carriages with carol singers and masked people present customs from Maramures and other parts of the country. This is the Marmatia Festival of Winter and Traditions that gathers folk groups from villages in the Land of Maramures, that re-enact ancient traditions, sing carols and perform old rituals.

More photos here.

Photos: Diana Topan


  1. Tatiana (Art Director) says

    Wow nice photos Diana!!
    Very impressive/expressive in fact, plus this is the first time i hear of this traditional Festival.
    I love your way of perceiving the picture and the effect of the whole photo :)
    I would love to ask the photographer if she is interested to make an exhibition in Lebanon?
    "I Like"

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    Robbert says

    Maramures and other parts of the country. This is the Marmatia Festival of Winter and Traditions that gathers folk groups from villages in the Land of Maramures, that re-enact ancient traditions, sing carols and perform old rituals. Side place

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