Bhutan photo exhibit gets royal touch

New Delhi - A photo exhibition showcasing Bhutan in its various hues with photographs taken by King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck was inaugurated by the monarch himself today.

The exhibition titled 'Bhutan: An Eye to History' documents the early photographic record of the country and the close ties of friendship and cooperation with India. Beside archival photographs, photographic work of the king of the Himalayan kingdom will also be on display.

Speaking at the inauguration function, President of the Indian Council for Cultural Research Karan Singh said the photographs "give us a picture of what Bhutan was, what it was becoming and what it now is."

He also described one of the photographs taken by the King as "world class".

"Both countries share a special friendship," say Pramod Kumar KG, who conceived the show with Namita Gokhale. "The exhibition will include several archival photographs that have never been exhibited before. This would be the first time images clicked by the king will be exhibited."

The exhibition which NGMA is hosting in partnership with the India-Bhutan Foundation intends to give people a glimpse of an invaluable sociological document from decades ago. The exhibition is open for viewing up to January 31 next year.

Diana Topan


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