Canon Makes IIFW Tech Enabled

Canon announced a strategic partnership with the India International Fashion Week (IIFW). After being part of the prestigious London Fashion Week 2009, Canon is now the official Photography, Videography and Document partner for IIFW-2009. The IIFW-2009 that begins in Delhi from December 3, 2009 till December 5, 2009 at Hotel Crowne Plaza Today features fashion designers from all over the world.

The India International Fashion Week is a platform for the biggest names of the International fashion industry to join together to showcase their talent as a prelude to the international exposure and interaction that awaits them in India.

Announcing the partnership, Kensaku Konishi, President&CEO, Canon India said At Canon, it is our aim to unleash creative potential in everyone and we are delighted to be able to provide extensive support to professional photographers, enabling them to capture striking images. With this event, Canon makes a novel statement in the world of fashion with its cutting edge photographic technology. Canon aims at many such platforms to encourage photography and spread awareness of its superior technology in the country.

To facilitate the media and the Fashion fraternity, Canon will set up a Loan and Service depot. This centre would enable Canon engineers to provide immediate hygienic checkup to Canon camera owners. Also Canon may provide loan equipment facility for Canon cameras/ lenses to media / photographers registered with the IIFW on returnable basis.

Apart from the above , Canon is deploying its two latest professional DSLRs namely EOS 7D and EOS 5D Mark II which bridges the gap between skilled amateurs and professional photographers both with unique features like EOS full High Definition camcorder with video capability to enhance the experience of photography. Canon also has a display area set up with the entire range of cameras ranging from PowerShot, IXUS, EOS and EF lenses.

Expressing his views on the association, Alok Bharadwaj, Senior Vice-President, Canon India said, The India International Fashion Week is an international Fashion event which showcases Indias innovation in fashion and style. The IIFW would be extremely instrumental in exposing India to the latest and diverse fashion trends across the globe. Photography is an integral part of such events as it captures moments that matter. It is indeed matter of immense pride for Canon to associate with such an event. Canons leading imaging solutions are used to deliver outstanding results and for that we are deploying technologies, from image capture to colour matching and professional quality printing to make this event a big hit. He further added On our part, we will bring the visibility of the latest trends to ten thousand of our DSLR customers in India through our photo community portal ,

Canon India has recently launched a series Go Pro marketing program under which all activities like trainings, workshops, seminars, photo tours are designed and implemented for all amateurs, photography enthusiasts and professional photographers. In addition to this, Canon is signing up with 12 famous photographers and 6 expert trainers who would be using their experiences and knowledge about photography to take experience to the next level. All consumers who already own a Canon D-SLR or purchase a new Canon D-SLR are eligible to participate in the program.


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