Changing Ideas supports photographers and charities in their development of humanitarian focused projects

Changing Ideas is a charity that helps photojournalists to effect measurable change. Its belief is that great photographs and visual storytelling can really make a difference to the work of charities and NGO’s and its role is to help "kick start" either new or existing projects that demonstrate the potential for measurable change on local, national or international humanitarian issues.

Changing Ideas accepts applications from individuals and organisations who are aware of a basic injustice and wish to alleviate that hardship were the appropriate assistance available.

The charity was established by David Graham who, as a consequence of his 23 year old son becoming paralysed in a diving accident, changed careers and undertook an MA in photojournalism. With his business background he recognised that many concerned organisations and individuals were frequently unable to successfully realise their humanitarian projects because they lacked essential business skills and other resources. He felt there was a gap in the humanitarian sector for an organisation that brought NGO's and individuals together within a framework that provided the necessary skills to turn their ideas into reality.

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Diana Topan


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