Mamiya announces 1st app to transform an iPhone into a remote image viewer

Mamiya announces the first application to permit real-time, on-set remote viewing of medium format images, enabling instant feedback on any shot.

While the photographer is shooting in a tethered mode, Mamiya’s Leaf Capture Remote for the new Mamiya DM system transforms an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote image viewer, permitting other people on set – the creative director, client, stylist, etc. – to watch ia a standard Wi-Fi network without hindering the movement of the photographer or crowding around one monitor. The images are hi-res and the software allows viewers to pan and zoom using their compatible Apple device.

You can download the Leaf Capture Remote application version 1.0 from Apple’s iPhone App Store for free. It supports any Mamiya DM or DL medium format digital system. Additional information on installation and setup of the server application is available here.

Diana Topan


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