National Geographic Packs "120 Years of Amazing Discovers" into a 160GB Hard Drive

National Geographic Magazine has released all of their issues from 1888 to 2008 on a portable 160GB hard drive. Each issue is presented in high-resolution .pdf format and NatGeo has promised updates as the years go on.
The 160 GB hard drive includes 60 GB devoted to National Geographic’s entire collection of magazines dating back to 1888 (through 2008), where the rest of 100 GB can be used as a separate space for your personal files. The hard drive also contains a user-friendly interface that allows you to browse locations and search for articles, photos and text, making it far easier to find the information you need than DVDs or hard copies.

While a 160 GB hard drive can be bought for anywhere from $60 to $80, this one is priced at $200. Considering you're getting so much incredible content preloaded - every article, every interview, every advertisement, every photo, all in high resolution - it makes the hard drive worth it. So you're really getting an unbelievable library of NatGeo content and 100 GB external hard drive for $200.

Diana Topan


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