An easy way for photographers to help the needy in Haiti

South San Francisco, CA, Jan. 18, 2010 /Photography News/ One hundred percent of all proceeds: That’s what PRESSlite will donate to Partners in Health, toward earthquake relief for the people of Haiti, for all purchases of the world’s most innovative flash modifier, the VerteX™, between now and Valentine’s Day.

To qualify for this program, purchases must be made through
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The 7.0 quake that rocked Haiti on January 12 is one of the greatest natural disasters in recent history, with deaths now estimated at more than 100,000 and many more displaced and injured. As the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere prior to this disaster, the people of Haiti are desperately in need of support from all quarters.

Headquartered in South San Francisco, California, PRESSlite is the manufacturer of the PRESSlite VerteX™, conceived and engineered in Silicon Valley, USA, as a solution to a variety of flash-related problems that have plagued photographers for years.

Silicon Valley inventor Kenneth Law's patent-pending design combines a wide range of light modification features into one single, easy-to-use lightweight device.

With the VerteX™, photographers are able to (1) easily control the diffusion of light while on the move, using only one hand, (2) manipulate the flow and quality of light in ways not possible with other existing devices and (3) achieve longer battery life, faster recycle times, higher f-stop and lower ISO options.

"As a socially conscious company on the leading edge of world developments, we choose to show our support for the people of Haiti, in a very clear and dramatic way," says Kenneth Law, PRESSlite's founder and lead designer. "Rather than simply donate a portion of the proceeds from sales of the VerteX™ during this critical period, we have decided to donate a full one hundred percent."

The widely acclaimed VerteX™ can project diffused and specular light at virtually any angle, in multiple directions simultaneously from a single flash unit, introducing on-the-go lighting solutions never before possible. An interactive demo and further details are available online at

Partners in Health (with website at is a non-profit corporation based in Boston, affiliated with faculty and colleagues from Harvard Medical School and the Harvard School of Public Health. PIH has been on the ground in Haiti for more than 20 years, providing badly needed modern medical care and working to alleviate the root causes of disease through educational programs and other activities.

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