Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins goes nude for charity

Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins has dropped her layers for the cover of Marie Claire magazine to promote positive and natural body image.
Jennifer Hawkins, who has gone on to become a much loved and admired television presenter has chosen to appear "both naked and unretouched" on the cover of the magazine's February issue to raise awareness for, the Butterfly Foundation, a charity that provides support for Australians who suffer from eating disorders and negative body image issues.

"I'm not a stick figure — I thought it would be great to tell women to just be themselves and be confident," Hawkins told the magazine, which goes on sale on Wednesday.

Editor Jackie Frank praised the Aussie beauty for her courage to ditch the airbrush, saying the shoot could never have happened without Hawkins being "brave enough to say she didn''t care about the little lumps and bumps and creases." "Normally there is a whole process of digitally enhancing, shaping, moving, removing lines and adding shadows." Frank added.

The unedited photos of Hawkins are following an emerging trend of magazines deciding to use unedited photos. In October, Sarah Murdoch appeared on the front of Women's Weekly un-airbrushed to promoted and embrace the beauty of aging.

Diana Topan


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