New photo sharing service Epics3 launches

Carlsbad, Calif., Jan. 19, 2010 /Photography News/ launched today. The free service lets users post photos to the web which can be sent in tweets, posted to Facebook, or included in blogs and e-mails. However, unlike other photo sites, Epics3 will also share its revenue with users.
Frequent users of other photo sharing services can use Epics3 instead and either keep their earnings or, once the site has completed beta testing, users can donate their earnings to a participating charity or non-profit of their choice.
This new service will be popular with Facebook and Twitter users. Company founder and president Joe Moreno notes, “Epics3 is also a great way to share photos without requiring others to join Twitter or Facebook to upload or view photos. We think of the charity donation option as 21st century version of a bake sale and we welcome all feedback so that we can build the best online photo service for our users.”
The service also allows users the option of storing their photos in their own Amazon S3 bucket as a way of backing up their photos. This option also allows people to use their own domain name when serving up their photos, which is ideal for company branding. In other words, users own and control their content. For example, the same photo can be served up two different ways:
As a pioneer in the on-line world, Moreno also founded the innovative link-shrinking site Adjix. A former engineer and marketer at Apple Inc., Moreno built the Epics3 system using the same technology that Apple uses to run its iTunes Store and its online stores throughout the world. For more information, visit

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