'Photocrati Fund' offers $5,000 for aspiring photographers

Jan. 22, 2010 /Photography News/, a top photography blog, launches Photocrati Fund which will offer a $5,000 fellowship for an aspiring photographer focused on social, environmental or humanitarian photography.
Photography with a Purpose: The people at understand that great photography can have a tremendous impact. They also know that good photography takes time, talent and money.
The Photocrati Fund will help bridge the gap for one aspiring photographer each year by providing a $5,000 photography grant to focus on a month-long social, environmental or humanitarian photography project. At the completion of the project, the grant winner’s images will be displayed in a photo essay on
The Photocrati Fund award winner will be selected by a prestigious panel that includes some of the world’s best-known environmental and cultural photographers: Steve McCurry, Michael “Nick” Nichols and Art Wolfe. The grantee will be announced at the Look3 Festival in June 2010.
“Photography, especially environmental, social and humanitarian photography, requires an upfront investment of capital, often with little promise of actual financial gains,” says Erick Danzer, editor. “We want to support aspiring photographers who have passion and a desire to contribute something positive to the world around them.”
By providing the funds and the platform to display the resulting images, Photocrati can help launch the careers of talented photographers, says Danzer.
The 2010 Photocrati Fund competition starts this week and will run through March 15, 2010 (11pm GMT). Grant applicants should submit a one-page project statement and bio, along with a link to a coherent, themed, online portfolio of 20-30 images to: fund(at)photocrati(dot)com. For complete Photocrati Fund rules and guidelines please see:

Photocrati is a leading photography blog, gear review site, and community run by photographers for photographers. The mission is to foster discussion between photographers working in diverse fields and to share resources that encourage technical, artistic, and professional growth for pros and enthusiasts alike. Photocrati is also a leading provider of photography WordPress themes.
Photocrati proudly sponsors the Photocrati Fund – a $5,000 grant to photographers working on important environmental and humanitarian projects.


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    professionals need also such grants :(((

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