Photographers protest anti-terror law abuse

London, UK /Photography News/- Thousands of amateur and professional photographers packed Trafalgar Square today in a protest about heavy-handed treatment by police officers under anti-terrorism laws.

The event was organised by the campaign group, I’m a photographer, not a terrorist, following a series of high-profile detentions of photographers under section 44 of the Terrorism Act 2000.

Waving placards with the message, "I am a photographer, not a terrorist," around 2,000 photographers called for more leniency from the British police.

Earlier this month the European court of human rights ruled that the use of counter-terrorism stop and search powers on photographers is a breach of human rights.

Photo: lewishamdreamer

Diana Topan


  1. Susan M. says

    Protest. That's what we -photographers, wherever we are- should do.

    Here is an excerpt from the Examiner:

    'Apparently, the CTA [The Chicago Transit Authority] considers “excessive photography” as much of a threat as unattended packages, smoke, and noxious smells. Don't believe it, check out the sign here: (it's a wonder that no one called the police on the person who took this picture). In addition to labeling photographers a threat and trying to stop them from taking pictures, the CTA is also urging people to tell Transit employees and/or call 911.

    And this is the land of the free?

    The ironic part of this whole sorry saga is that these new signs go in direct contradiction to the CTA's official photography policy, which states that “the general public is permitted to use hand-held cameras to take photographs, capture digital images, and videotape within public areas of CTA stations and transit vehicles for personal, non-commercial use.” (...)

    Yes, terrorism is a very real threat and a transit system could make for an ideal target, but caution needs to be balanced with common sense. With camera-equipped phones all over, it is highly doubtful that any terrorist would be so stupid as to go around with a camera and take a lot of pictures (attracting attention to himself) when using a camera phone and pretending to talk would raise no eyebrows whatsoever.

    Common sense is becoming increasingly uncommon.'

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