2010 Habitat World photo contest

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Deadline: April 11, 2010

Description: Habitat World wants to see images that you think communicate something vital about the organization’s life-changing work. We will be looking as much at the ideas and emotions that each image conveys as we will be at the technical skills brought to bear. Volunteers, houses, families, the need in your community — show us what Habitat means to you and why the work we all do together remains such an important priority.

Prizes: The contest winner will be awarded a spot on a Global Village trip to Pokhara, Nepal, which will take place Sept. 30-Oct. 10, 2010. The trip will overlap World Habitat Day, Oct. 4, and it' s a chance to be a part of a concentrated, weeklong global effort to build houses and raise awareness. In addition, photos and statements from the contest winner and top four finalists will be featured in the September 2010 issue of Habitat World, which enjoys a readership of more than a million, and on These five top images also will be installed on a photo wall for one year in Habitat's administrative headquarters in Atlanta.

Open to entrants at least 18 years of age as of the date of entering the Contest.

Website: Habitat World


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