2010 Hasselblad Masters Awards - Call for entries

Deadline: December 31, 2010


Each year Hasselblad awards the title of Master photographers in a range of specially defined categories. Awards are granted in recognition of the photographer’s contribution to the art of photography and photographic ability in the areas of creativity, composition, conceptual strength, and technical skill.

Photographers are invited to submit up to 5 images in each of the following eleven categories: architecture, editorial, fashion/beauty, fine art, general photography, nature/landscape, portrait, product, up-and-coming, wedding/social and, for the first time, wildlife. One Master will be chosen for each of the eleven categories.

Prizes: Each of the 2010 winners – one photographer from each of the 11 categories - will receive a framed diploma certifying their Masters‘ status and a presentation of their work on the Hasselblad website. Winners will also be given the use of an H4D camera, the flagship of the Hasselblad system, with which to capture images for a unique, commemorative photography book, with each winner rendering a personal interpretation of a given theme.

Eligibility: With the exception of the up-and-coming category, submitting photographers must have been active professionals for more than three years and submitted images must be captured with a medium or large format system. The up-and-coming category is open to all active professional photographers, regardless of length of time in the business, and submitted images may be captured with any large format, medium format, or 35mm digital system.
All images must be submitted digitally, regardless of capture format.

Website: 2010 Hasselblad Masters Awards


  1. Gilda says

    I've always looked up to hasselblad's technology and contests, but this "active professionals" thing is quite subjective; it seems each contest organizers mean something else with it. too bad, because there are so many photographers that don't fit some organizers "professional" standards, but are able to deliver a much more professional work than many of the photographers who earn 51%-100% of their income from photography. :(

    Carla says


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