2010 Nikon Small World photo competition - call for entries

2007 1st Prize - Gloria Kwon

Deadline: April 30, 2010

Description: The Nikon International Small World Competition, which is celebrating over 30 years of excellence in photography and digital imaging though the microscope, is dedicated to furthering excellence and creativity in microscopy. Combining skills in microscopy and photography, a photomicrographer is able to capture an image of the world that the naked eye cannot see.

Prizes: Winners will receive one of 20 prizes, sorted according to rank in the competition. First place is a vacation trip valued at $3000 (US) or the equivalent amount of photographic, scientific, or industrial equipment and accessories at their suggested retail selling prices in the USA. Honorable mention winners will receive an 16 x 20-inch print of their entries.

Eligibility: Anyone over the age of 18 interested in photography through the microscope is eligible. Former first prize winners are ineligible to win first prize in the three contests immediately following the contest they won, but can win other prizes. Photomicrographs must be taken using a light microscope.


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