Wine Photo 2010 - Call for entries

Deadline: April 29, 2010

Description: WINEPHOTO is an International Contest open to professional and non professional photographers from all over the world. Since the first edition in 2004, works have arrived from 65 countries, 31 photographers have been awarded and four special mentions have been given. The final exhibit, made up every year of the winners and the worksselected by the jury, has shown young authors that are now receiving important international acknowledgment.

Prizes: The winner will receive 4000 Euros as grant to continue a personal project (Premio Città di Mogliano)- and a selection of fine wines (for the value 500.00 Euros); Second prize will be the enrollment in one of the Toscana Photographic Workshop summer classes free of charge (valued at 1.700,00 Euros) and a selection of fine wines (for the value of 400.00 Euros).
Special Mention and third/fourth/fifth prize will be a selection of fine wines of the value of 400.00 Euros each.
For those countries where it is not possible to send wine because of their laws, an equivalent award in money will be given.

Website: Wine Photo 2010


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