A Face to Families At War

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Kansas City, MO, March 9, 2010 /PN/ Biscuit Eight, its photographers, crew, and amazing sponsors came together to take emotionally connective photographs of select families of the deployed around the world. By using the emotional power of photography, the photographers were able to use their talent to invoke feelings of love and support for our troops overseas from the families they have had to leave behind. The photographers succeeded in rendering an emotional connection with the families and, in putting “a face to the families at war”, they helped give the men and women serving and protecting our country and their families a loving memory.

Biscuit 8 represents a partnership of unique exceptional photography from experienced, creative, and fresh talent photographers. Biscuit 8 launched their brand shiny, happy, pretty, sexy ™, which reflects their distinct styles of lifestyle, fashion, portrait, editorial, food and still life photography. Biscuit 8 photographers have photographed many celebrities and participated in national campaigns such as; George Strait, Josh Grobin, Michael McDonald, Tiger Woods, Bono, President Bush Jr., and many more…you can find their work in Vogue, Essence, Hallmark, Red - to name a few.


  1. dana jones says

    although it looks a little like stock photography, this campaign could reach high levels with the right marketing strategies

    Anonymous says

    This is amazing photography and the video is so meaningful and beautiful to watch. Great job Biscuit 8!

    Anonymous says

    Nicely done.

    Anonymous says

    This is cool. Should be on Oprah - the photography is beautiful!

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