Hearst 8x10 Photography Biennial 2011

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Deadline: May 31, 2010

Description: Hearst 8x10 Photography Biennial is a competition to identify and promote new and emerging talent among photographers in the United States and abroad.


Showcase selected works in an exhibition under the title, "8x10" in the Alexey Brodovitch Gallery and the Hearst Gallery at Hearst Tower in New York City.

Be published in the accompanying "8x10" catalog and on and

All U.S. and international freelance, amateur and professional photographers and students, 18 to 35 years of age. Applicants may apply as individuals, or as collaborators.

Website: Hearst 8x10


  1. TS Gentuso says
    This comment has been removed by the author.

    TS Gentuso says

    Why the age limit? Is an older newcomer to the profession less desirable, less capable, less malleable than a youngster? Hmmmmm.....

    MichaelG says

    same question here.
    i remember a couple of years ago when an old woman (70 or so) who had always loved photography -- but thought she was too old to do something about it -- had won an international photo competition.
    it's not the age but the vision that matters.

    Anonymous says

    Um, older because this competition is about the NEW generation..

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