iStockphoto creates a collection of free stock images for Google’s Blogger Template Designer

Calgary, Alberta, March 12, 2010 /PN - iStockphoto/ iStockphoto®, the world’s busiest online stock image marketplace, yesterday announced a new collection of images and illustrations available free of charge to Google Blogger users as part of the new Blogger™ Template Designer.

Blogger is the leading blogging product in the world with hundreds of millions of page views per day and millions of active bloggers. The Blogger Template Designer makes it simple for bloggers to express themselves through unique and beautiful web design. It's easy to choose a base template, customize the background image, and modify the layout to create a professional site on the web. Users can access the iStock image collection directly from the Blogger Template Designer. There they will find a diverse collection of free images from iStockphoto. With just a few clicks, people can add punch and personality to their blogs.

“The Blogger Template designer empowers everyone to create a truly unique and beautiful blog, letting people express themselves in style on the web,” said Blogger Product Manager Siobhan Quinn. “We are thrilled to be collaborating with iStock, the market leader in the global microstock industry, to bring quality imagery to bloggers and help them create compelling designs for their content.”

Blogger makes it easy for bloggers to choose iStock images from the Blogger interface. Users seeking higher quality images or more options can easily click through from Blogger to iStockphoto where they can browse and purchase additional images. iStockphoto offers millions of photos, illustrations and videos to choose from at prices as low as one dollar.

“Being a content provider for Blogger will excite iStockphoto contributors and raise iStock’s profile with several new types of users, many of whom have not used micropayment stock images before,” said Danny Martin, iStockphoto's director of business development.


  1. anonymous2 says

    wow, anonymous! many of us don't love the idea of stock photography, but you go too far.

    Anonymous says

    Don't get me wrong Im a fan of rights managed stock but this cheapening of everything that defines the modern era is just so sickening. What happened to your pride people, what happened to your pride. I'd love to see the end of micro stock, the end of the dollar store, the end of the cheapest common denominator and for that reason I say; die crappy stock die.

    peter says

    I also think crappy stock should die.

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