London gallery to showcase best of Flickr

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Laura Pannack - 'Graham'

Leading East London photographic gallery theprintspace has announced details of a forthcoming exhibition to be compiled entirely of work by photographers on photo social networking website, Flickr.

London, UK, March 10, 2010 /PN/ A different specialist in the field of photography will select the four best photographs from entries submitted by Flickr users each month to be part of the summer 2010 exhibition, giving budding photographers who don’t normally get the chance, a stage on the big scene.

theprintspace Gallery, located in the heart of trendy Shoreditch and the perfect art space for emerging talent, are looking to bring together the best of Flickr, whatever the subject, context or style of photography.

World Press Photography Award-winning photojournalist Laura Pannack, who will select the best entries for March, told of her excitement about the competition.
She said, “This is a fantastic opportunity for photographers to have their work exhibited and brilliant that theprintspace is lending its space to the best of amateur photography on Flickr.

“The lack of restrictions on the competition opens up a world of diverse photography, from photographers of all ages, with no distinct theme or genre. We can look forward to discovering some hidden gems.”

Photographers are invited to enter their photographs at where the best submitted photographs are shortlisted daily.


  1. Luana says

    This is a great chance for all Flickr members. I will join the group. Thank you!

    Anonymous says

    will i have to sign away all my rights to my work by submitting to this?

    Anonymous says

    Good question @ Anonymous. But I don't believe so. Submitting images doesn't necessary mean they will be selected, so in this case it's like sending your images to any other Flickr group. There's still the question 'what happens to the selected images'. Not clear for me either. So far I haven't send any images to their group yet. Waiting to see what happens.
    But maybe someone should ask the gallery or the group moderator what happens to photographer's rights.

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