'My World: Visions of 21st Century Feminism' photo competition

In the framework of its 20th century celebrations, the European Women’s Lobby has launched a photography competition looking to expose the visions of young women of the world they live in. This competition seeks images that make a creative and powerful statement that works through the theme of “21st Century Feminism.”

: June 3
0, 2010

: A panel of judges will select 20 final entries to be displayed in a high-profile exhibition to be held opened on 15 October 2010 in Brussels. The exhibition of winning entries may be displayed in various locations across Europe in 2010-2011. The 20 finalist entries will be published in a full-color brochure which will be widely disseminated among European, national and international policy-makers and EWL partners. The judges will select one winning entry to be displayed on the cover of the brochure. The finalists will receive an invitation to the opening of the exhibition on 15 October in Brussels, and 3 copies of the brochure. Further prizes are expected.


To submit an entry into this Competition, you must be:
- Female (defined as all those who identify themselves as such)
- Aged between 15 and 40
- Resident in an EU Member State or Candidate country

: European Women's Lobby


  1. Anonymous says

    "To submit an entry into this Competition, you must be:
    - Female (defined as all those who identify themselves as such)"

    It is the first time I read this in the Eligibility section of a photo contest (or any other call for entries, as a matter of fact). Thumbs up! :-)

    kirev says

    Where's FYROM???

    Diana says

    @kirev: They mean the Republic of Macedonia. FYROM is an abbreviation for the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (a provisional reference of the country following a dispute with Greece over Macedonia's name).

    kirev says

    Diana, this claim is based on facts or just an assertion?

    Diana says

    kirev says

    Diana, thank you. What's the other side of the story of the Macedonians (defined as all those who identify themselves as such)?

    Diana says

    kirev, I'm sure you know it better than I do.

    kirev says

    Good that we established that. So, FYROM is not an official acronym (that's why I was amazed by reading it here). And it is very, very insulting. Secondly, the reference "the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia" is for temporary provisional use within UN and there's no official provisional acronym. Macedonia protested it from the beginning, but it is bullied into a dispute resolution process without precedent.

    As you are very well aware of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, nobody has the right to impose nationality to any other person. I kindly ask you to erase those insulting 5 letters and put Republic of Macedonia or Macedonia in it. Like 95% of the Earth inhabitants do. Yes, nowadays, only a handful of EU countries show solidarity with Athens on this, unheard before, breach of human rights.

    Diana says

    Kirev, we didn't mean to offend anyone by publishing this call for entries, nor we intended to introduce limitations on someone's rights. Therefore we apologize if those 5 letters sound like an insult to you or anyone else.
    Nevertheless, shooting the messenger is no way better than any April Fools prank.
    However, I would remind you this is a photography news website, and not a place where nationality issues or any other kind of disputes should arise.
    Furthermore, if you wish any changes in the eligibility policy I believe you’ve already noticed that the organizer of this contest is the European Women’s Lobby ( and that is where you should address.

    kirev says

    Turning the blind eye does not help human rights. That`s why you should not be ignorant about the issue.

    kirev says

    So, 18 mentions the Women Lobby Site are about Macedonia. 2 are about FYROM i.e. it's a mistake on their side...

    Diana says

    We have fixed it on our side... in such a way that it should not raise any other nationality issue on this post anymore.

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