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The *SCREENings - Internet goes Print* photography competition hits round four. 2010 marks yet another year for professional photographers of all genres to enter their online portfolios for a free viewing by a top-class judging panel from the art buying, editorial, fashion and art industries. To enter, simply email your website link, on contact you will find a form to submit your data. It is the photography and creativity, rather than the actual website, that makes up the deciding criteria.

April 20, 2010

Prizes: The 20 finalists will be exhibited (printed by ) at the UPdate – Salon for Photography on 14 May in Frankfurt. Three top winners will then be selected by the panel and will win a one page ad in LÜRZERs ARCHIVE and a GoSee membership. The first prize is a studio production at DRS in Berlin with high-end equipment provided by Hasselblad and DRS, worth 5,000 EUR. The winners will be presented as a SCREENings edition on


Louis Mariette, Celebrity Hat Designer, London
Susanne Kempf, Head of Marketing / Press, ST. EMILE
Michael-M.Maschke, Head of Creative Services, Saatchi & Saatchi Germany
Veronika von Prittwitz, Head of Editorial Board, Corporate Publishing & Project Development, Condé Nast Publishers
Michael Weinzettl, Editor in Chief, Lürzer's Archive
Tina Krakow, Head of Art Buying, McCann Erickson Germany
Jeanette Hepp, Fashion Editor, Sleek Magazine
Nadine Barth, Curator, Author and CEO barthouse, Cologne & Hamburg
Stewart Mungeam, Director, Gallery Stock, London
Bianca Winter, deputy Head of Art Buying, Jung von Matt, Hamburg
Erwin Jurtschitsch, CEO,
Frank Schmitz, GoSee & BOOKLET magazine, Cologne

Website: SCREENings


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