VIDEO: 5200 strip for Tunick's nude shoot

Sydney, March 1st, 2010 /PN/ Spencer Tunick's latest art-photo installation in Australia drew more than double the expected turnout, with approximately 5,200 volunteers gamely doffing their clothes early Monday morning to pose nude in front of the Sydney Opera House.
Diana Topan


  1. R. Garcia says

    Spencer Tunick successfully passes a message in such a symbolic form where thousands of organizations rarely succeed without being subject to extremely violent reactions.
    I personally think this is a big success for the gay rights/human rights movement.

    Anonymous says

    is this art though?

    Nigel says

    @ Anonymous: If we consider fine art photography being the only form of artistic photography, then this is not art. Otherwise this looks art to me, as much as architectural, nude and urban photography can be.
    Is war photography art? What about sports, stock, wedding, food, or street photography?
    Photography is not always art, but I wish you would have defined "art" before wondering what this is.

    Oz Newcombe says

    As a working pro, to me, not....

    it seems to me like a blatant bit of PR (as a video was there to record and broadcast it on the web)... which works I guess, or I would never have heard his name.. so hats off to him in this respect.

    Though the proof of the pudding is always in the eating... (we have no idea what the final shots look like !!)... so lets all reserve judgement... that's only fair and polite..


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