VII Photo Agency portfolio submissions

Deadline: May 7, 2010


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Membership will be offered only to photographers working with the highest standards of journalistic and documentary integrity, who will laterally extend the breadth of work we currently produce and who we believe we can work within the management structure of VII.

As VII is solely owned by its members, membership comes with shareholder responsibility. New members will spend at least one year with VII before full membership is offered. All members are obliged to purchase shares, attend shareholders meetings and contribute dynamically and responsibly to the business of the agency.


The VII Network expands the ideals and journalistic mission of VII Photo to include important photographic work by selected non-members. VII Network photographers are represented for distribution of existing work only, and remain solely responsible for managing all other aspects of their professional practice. Successful applicants are required to credit VII Network in their byline and by doing so they are equal partners in upholding the standards of the agency: quality journalism, ethical integrity and visual excellence are assumed. VII members encourage diverse styles and photographers working with varied visual approaches are welcome to apply.


From time to time individual members may choose to adopt a young photographer to coach as they launch their careers in the professional world. These appointments are personal to the VII member photographers and are not mediated by VII Photo Agency. The application process for the VII Mentor Program is the same as Membership and the Network.

Visit VII Photo Agency for details.

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