Dermandar: The free panoramic virtual tour creator

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Dermandar - a new online tool for panoramic images enthusiasts - makes panorama creation available to everybody through 3 simple steps :

1) shooting photos with a regular digital camera;
2) going to and opening the pictures with the online tool where the panorama is created in less than 5 seconds;
3) uploading the panorama to Dermandar server to be shared on Facebook, emailed, embedded and geotagged.

Dermandar does not pretend to replace any advanced professional software, but offers the simplicity of a "one-click" solution to a wider range of users.

It is free and browser-based, so there is no need to download and install anything before trying it. There is no registration process, unless one would like to use the social features that are available through the Facebook application (publish on wall and send to friend).

Some of the Facebook integration features are:
  • Browse and search for panoramas created by your friends or other users
  • Rate, review and share panoramas in multiple ways with people: email, publish on your wall, notify your friends
With Dermandar, digital camera users can easily turn their photos into a fullscreen interactive panorama, with the only constraint of having enough overlap between two neighbour photos.

  • 100 panoramas per user
  • 7 to 24 images per full (360 degrees) panorama
  • 2 to 6 images per partial panorama
  • images are automatically resized to 1 Mpixel each
Here is a sample showing what Dermandar can do:

This 2 minute video tutorial shows the simplicity of the panorama creation process:

Diana Topan

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