Photographer Annie Leibovitz sued for unpaid fees

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Annie Leibovitz at her SF exhibition. Photo: Robert Scoble

April 6, 2010 /PN/ Celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz is being sued for not paying her bills, shortly after she struck a deal that was supposed to have resolved her financial problems.

Executives at Brunswick Capital Partners LP filed a lawsuit against
Leibovitz on Friday, accusing her of owing $803,000 for arranging a deal to help manage her money woes.

The 60-year-old photographer got into financial difficulties last year when Art Capital Group threatened to sue her and seize control of her entire photography collection and two properties for violating the terms of a $24 million loan.

The two parties reached a deal last September allowing Leibovitz to buy back control of her work, which had been put up as collateral.

Annie Leibovitz, whose controversial pictures include photos of the Queen, John Lennon hours before his death, Whoopi Goldberg in a bath of milk and 1991’s famous nude of a heavily pregnant Demi Moore, is said to earn at least $4,5 million a year from Vanity Fair magazine and freelance assignments.

Matthew Hiltzik, a spokesman for Leibovitz, said he didn’t have an immediate comment on the lawsuit.

Diana Topan


  1. D. Robinson says

    She had everything a photographer could ever dream of - access to any celebrity or subject, fame, appreciation, money...
    So what's wrong with this woman?

    matt sutton says

    Nothing is wrong with her. I'd suggest people leave her alone. No one knows what happened nor is it anyone's business. Millions of people go bust every year, more than half bounce back again. Life.

    Anonymous says

    Ya know, I felt bad for Annie's financial dificulties and I really can feel her pain. But now that I think about it, I start to feel that it's just another story about somebody with money, and like D. Robinson says somebody who has everything a photographer can only dream of. Pissing it all away. This whole thing is beginning to piss me off. You've got a gift, don't @#$% it up. Just get it together and stop relying on others to bail you out Annie.

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