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photography news, photo news,, Diana Topan, free photo exif viewer, FileTagSleuth, photography software, photo software givaway, free mp3 tagPhotographers and Music Fans Will Save Time and Frustration with a New and Totally Free Product, FileTagSleuth from Ulfwood Ltd.

May 21, 2010 /PN/ Photographers and music fans will save time and frustration with a new and totally free product, FileTagSleuth from Ulfwood Ltd. Version 1 of FileTagSleuth enables photographers to search all of their various photo files by shutter speed, exposure, and anything else stored inside the photographs. Music fans and DJs will be able to easily catalogue all their MP3 tags, export a report, or search through it to find what tracks were written by which artists.

Previously this could either be very tedious, or cost money. However the totally free Exif viewer FileTagSleuth lets customers drag and drop up to 10,000 files into it, and then sets to work analysing them all. Customers can find all of the tag information for individual files, all of the common tags for many files, or all of the tags for all files. And almost any kind of file can be analysed, not just photo and music files.

Paul F. Wood of Ulfwood said:
"Cataloguing and searching MP3 and photo files can be incredibly time consuming. FileTagSleuth lets you search thousands of files quickly - even if don't know the entire name of what you're looking for and just have a small bit of the text. FileTagSleuth will unlock the secrets of your files, and quickly show you what you're looking for and which file it's in".

Once the relevant tags have been found by FileTagSleuth, customers can easily export them and their associated files to different formats, making it simple to view the information in other programs like Word and Excel.


  1. john john says

    thanks a lot! i will give it a try

    Anonymous says

    It's not apparent until you actually begin the download that this is a Windows-only program.
    Nothing wrong with that, of course, but a "System Requirements" note on the page would have been considerate.

    Unknown says

    it is like getid3?? this is for songs tags??
    like this site using getid3 djpunjab

    Unknown says

    end hairstyles

    Unknown says

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