Photocrati Fund Awards $5000 to Aspiring Photographer Mark J. Davis

Photocrati, a top photography blog, announces the first Photocrati Fund Fellow, Mark J. Davis, who will receive a $5,000 grant for his environmentally-focused project, Fishing For Leftovers

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Boulder, CO, June 29, 2010 /PN/ Photocrati announced the winner of the 2010 Photocrati Fund emerging photographer’s grant last week. Mark J. Davis, a Seattle-based emerging photographer, will receive a $5,000 grant to pursue his on-going project Fishing For Leftovers, which highlights the impact of commercial over-fishing on small-scale subsistence fishermen in Southern Chile.

“Photocrati is very excited to support Mark J. Davis’ important environmental work in Chile,” said Erick M. Danzer, Founder and President of Photocrati. “He demonstrated the perfect combination of photographic talent, commitment to a significant cause and the ability to carry out his proposed work.”

The Photocrati Fund aims to provide support for talented emerging photographers to undertake important environmental or humanitarian projects that can have a positive impact on the world around them. Davis’ project was selected from a competitive pool of more than 400 applicants by a prestigious panel of judges that included some of the world’s best-known environmental and cultural photographers: Steve McCurry, Michael “Nick” Nichols and Art Wolfe.

“I am honored and am extremely grateful that through this grant I will be able to continue to tell this important story,” Davis said.

The winner and top finalists were recognized at the prestigious LookBetween Festival in White Hall, Virginia over the weekend. “The judges had a difficult task,” said Danzer. “There were many outstanding photographers with very meaningful projects. We’re proud to highlight the work of these finalists.”

Photocrati Fund finalists include: Bharat Choudary, Anna Beeke, Malin Fezehai, Anna Maria Barry-Jester, Oliver Michael Edwards, Laura El-Tantawy, Andrew Cullen, David Belluz, and Ryan Gauvin. To view images from the winning proposal and to learn more about the top finalists, please visit the Photocrati Blog.

“We’re very pleased with this first round of applications, and we’re already looking very forward to next year’s competition,” said Danzer.

The 2011 Photocrati Fund competition will begin in November 2010 and will run through March 1, 2011. The winner of the 2011 Photocrati Fund grant competition will be announced at the Look3 Festival in Charlottesville, VA.

Photocrati is a leading photography blog and provider of WordPress themes for photographers. The mission is to foster discussion between photographers working in diverse fields and to share resources that encourage technical, artistic, and professional growth for pros and enthusiasts alike. Photocrati proudly sponsors the Photocrati Fund, a $5,000 grant to photographers working on important environmental and humanitarian projects.


  1. A Velasquez says

    This Photocrati Fund looks like a really great photo grant to apply for.

    Anonymous says

    always awesome projects funded by photocrati!

    Myriam says

    Congratulations to the winner! :-)

    Mohen says

    Congrats to the winner, best wishes.

    Mike says

    Congrats to the winner.

    Anonymous says

    I just had to stop here when your photograph made me say WOW. Love your work. Congrats on the grant.

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