Photo of the Day: Armenia - The Elderly and War

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A 106-year-old Armenian woman sits in front of her home guarding it with a rifle, in the village of Degh, near the border of Azerbaijan.

Photo ID 75187. 01/01/1990
Degh, Armenia
Photo credit: UN Photo/Armineh Johannes

The United Nations Photo Library holds a collection of approximately 800,000 photographs dating back to the mid-1940s chronicling the history of the Organization and its work. The collection includes coverage of historic UN meetings and events, as well as a wide array of field coverage from its earliest days.

The Photo Library's mission is to make its collection available to media organizations, governments and non-governmental organizations, researchers and civil society at large, in order to foster public understanding of the work of the United Nations and its goals.


  1. Anonymous says


    melinda says

    oh my god! this is so intense... it can't be anything else but real...

    Daniella says

    fantastic image...

    Anonymous says

    Incridible .. sad to see people in that age still fighting for their safety .. powerfull image!

    Anonymous says

    I Love this Picture!!!! It Shows how strong Armenian Women are!!!! That's one Gangster Grandma you don't fuck with!!! Hye for Life!!!!

    Anonymous says

    the azeris show no mercy towards the armenian she's got the right idea! GOOO NENE!

    Anonymous says

    Well Done Grandma. Those same hands milked fresh milk and served the best tea to her family. As an Armenian, I have always been pushed around by foreigners and made fun of. We don't change eaisly and that's what bothers most Non-Armenians people. We carry on the most simplest traditions no matter where we live in this world. Call us stubborn and easily tempered, but how can we not be with what we have been put through just to live on our lands. Our race, our language, and our anicent eyes never will die!!!

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