Photo of the Day: BP Technicians Cleaning Birds

Technicians cleaning birds at the Fort Jackson Oiled Wildlife Rehabilitation Center near Fort Jackson, Louisiana on Wednesday, 21 July, 2010. The center is moving further inland to Hammmond, Louisiana on Friday, July 23.

Photo © BP p.l.c.


  1. Cesare says

    How many millions of birds should BP clean in order to clean their oil spilled image?

    Anonymous says

    at least they do it!

    The Visions of Kai says

    Doing the right thing is a choice!

    Justin says

    Accidents happen - and when they do you have to do everything to make amends. For this helpless bird it's a good day today.

    Anonymous says

    I'm glad that they are trying but I heard a radio program the other day re. cleaning birds and unfortunately the survival rate of these (cleaned) birds are extremely low. Most die within 9 days of release. I was surprised too. Quite sad. My hope is that this event acts as a turning point if not to alternative energy at least to come up with more strict protocol regarding safeguarding against such incidents.

    julie says

    oh, anonymous! if that's true what you are saying that's terrible news....

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