Hasselblad Labs Release Information on 200 Megapixel Capture Device

September 22, 2010 /PN - Hasselblad/ Hasselblad has been exploring next steps in creating ultra-high resolution capture. Based upon new developments of its multi-shot technology Hasselblad labs are releasing test results from a new 200 megapixel capture device.

The 200 megapixel device is based upon a 50 megapixel sensor mounted onto the Hasselblad patented symmetrical multi-shot frame, which can accurately position the sensor with a sub-micron accuracy using piezo-electrical actuators.

Capturing 6 shots with the sensor positioned accurately at a sequence of quadrants of the basic 6-micron pixel, color information from the Bayer-patterned pixels is used to create a 200 megapixel capture. The color information is composed such that it supersedes the information from a single-shot captured with a potential 200 megapixel single-shot sensor.

Over the past years Hasselblad labs have refined the tolerances of the basic sensor frame calibration to achieve the above results, and on top of the physics new color algorithms and filtering techniques have been applied to achieve the 200 megapixel image. The complete capture device is now in final testing for stability and color accuracy to fit into Hasselblad's unique generic one-profile color rendering.

Multi-shot cameras are used by studio photographers to generate images with ultra high resolution, and exact color information. Key customer segments include the world's most famous museums and studios where cars, jewelry, and costly products are shot with an image quality leaving no room for compromise. Apart from its multi-shot, the Hasselblad H4D-50MS has normal single-shot mode included as well.

Upon successful testing, Hasselblad plans to release the new ultra-resolution capture mode for H4D-50MS cameras by early 2011. All current H4D-50MS cameras will be offered this new capture mode at the factory, by using Hasselblad's new calibration and firmware upgrade, at a fee to be announced in due course.


  1. Cal says

    I don't want to imagine the price...

    Unknown says

    I don't want to know the price, but I would love tho at least hold it in my hands.....;)

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