Photo of the Day: Lover Boy

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Photo credit: Ashley Edmonds Cooke, Ph.D
From the collection titled: Alien Discovery: A New Perspective on Orchid Life

Ashley Edmonds Cooke is a Psychologist by day and a photographer every chance she gets. She started photographing orchids several years ago and noticed strange beings staring back at her. These photographs are like personality tests. Everyone sees something different while looking at the same thing and that tells you something about the observer. Ashley has had four one-woman exhibitions displaying her work in Annapolis, Maryland. Her last exhibition was at the Quiet Waters Gallery in Annapolis in April. This is a prestigous show in that the Gallery Committee selected her after reading about her work on the cover of the Lifestyle section in the Annapolis paper.

Her collection can be found on two websites:


  1. Anonymous says

    This is absolutely brilliant! A wonderful piece of art - and a great reminder of the amazing things we fail to take notice of that surround us every day. Leave it to a Shrink to find something magical inside of something "ordinary"!

    I went to Dr. Cooke's websites and was blown away by the extraordinary collection of little "aliens" she has found.


    Anonymous says

    I love this. Dr. Cooke's work with the Orchid Aliens is amazing and quite unique. I believe that she will go far with this.

    angela costa says

    i never thought of flowers that way. :)

    Anonymous says

    An enjoyable look at things we often overlook.

    Anonymous says

    A life lesson on perspective. So much is missed or mistaken without it.

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