Fake Photographer Jailed For Sex Attacks

October 22, 2010 /PN/ A pervert who masqueraded as a photographer has been jailed for life with a minimum of 11 years after being convicted of drugging girls and filming himself attacking them.

Phillip Brindle, 54, carried out the offences at his former home in Wigan, Greater Manchester, from 1992 to 1998.

The court heard that Brindle posed as a photographer who wanted to help his victims' modeling careers, assisted by his wife Victoria, now deceased.

She helped to persuade them to pose, drugged them and then manipulated their naked limbs so Brindle could film the shocking abuse, jurors were told.

Victoria Brindle died from deep vein thrombosis in July 2008 before she could be brought to justice.

In November 2008 workers clearing a storage shed Brindle rented in Tregony, Cornwall, alerted police after finding evidence of his crimes.

Detectives scoured the shed and raided his home discovering a metal box containing a list of girls' names entitled "Hobbies". Written alongside were sub-titles, including: nude, tied up, unconscious.

At his home Brindle stored videos, stills from the footage and photographs of his exploits years earlier.

He targeted teenagers with low self-esteem and who were having problems at home.

Brindle will be on the sex offenders register for life.

He will only be eligible for parole after 11 years though the 389 days spent on remand will be deducted from his punishment.

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