Gun Ammunition Found on Southwest Flight by CNN Photographer

Thursday, November 25, 2010 /PN/ A CNN photographer aboard a Southwest Airlines flight found a full ammunition clip from a law enforcement officer's service weapon during a flight Tuesday from Burbank, California, to Phoenix, an airline spokesman said.

Gregg Canes, who was headed to Phoenix along with producer Sara Weisfeldt to cover former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's book signing, told CNN that after the plane had landed, a child behind them, who had been seated on his mother's lap, was crawling across the other seats on the row toward the window when his foot knocked something onto the floor.  

Southwest Airlines spokesman Paul Flaningan says that after the photographer saw that it was a gun magazine, a flight attendant picked it up.

Canes said he asked to take pictures of it, but the flight attendant would not let him.

Passengers who were to board a connecting flight at the airport were rescreened, and the plane was checked for weapons.

Flaningan says the clip apparently was dropped accidentally by a licensed law enforcement officer who declared he had the clip. The law enforcement officer was on a previous flight.

It's not clear how long the ammunition clip was on the plane or the caliber of the clip.

The name and the agency the officer works for were not released.

The head of the Transportation Security Administration said the unnamed law officer will be given remedial training.


  1. PapaD says

    While the LEO who lost this item should be (and apparently is being) disciplined in a way that he will never allow this to happen again,the actual potential for physical damage done is fairly minute.The real damages consist of the delay and expense incured by the airline,the fright that it may have caused,and the public exposure for the LE agency and Airline.
    The odds of a fast-thinking terrorist knowing and taking advantage of the explosive potential would be infitisimal. Cartridges outside of a firearm rarely discharge even when handled improperly.
    Although disappointing to the photojournalist, the flight attendant, while airborne, is both the law and the airlines representative, and it was her judgement call to not allow the photos. Her reason or pretext could easily have been that it would incite panic among the passengers--including the photographer.
    Still, it was cool if he actually found the clip;but that even seems to be doubtful--since the ittle kid knocked it off the seat and th4e FA picked it up.

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