Panos Pictures' Call to Photographers

Panos Pictures is seeking to increase its global representation by introducing an annual call for submissions for photographers wishing to join the agency. 

Applicants should demonstrate an ability to identify and produce stories with a strong journalistic approach and compelling visual narratives. We encourage photographers with multimedia skills to apply. Emphasis will be placed upon originality of ideas and the ability to think outside the confines of traditional photojournalism. Panos is particularly interested in applications from photographers in Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East.

Submission Guidelines:

Please send a CD or DVD containing:

1. Up to three feature stories of no more than 20 images.
Images must be individually captioned, and each feature should have an accompanying text. Images should have the file names: [photog's surname]_[story name]_001. Please number images in the order you would like them to be viewed. Stories can be sent as PDFs.

2. 200 - 400 word statement about yourself and your work.
Why do you take photographs, what are you trying to say and who are you trying to say it to?  

3. Multimedia work (optional)
Please send as QuickTime files, no bigger than 250MB.

4. Link to your website
If you have one please provide your URL.

All images should be saved at 72dpi, 1000 pixels wide, medium quality jpegs.

The deadline for submissions is 1 March 2011.

Successful candidates will be selected by members of Panos staff and two Panos Profile photographers. The final decision will be announced at the end of April 2011. 

Website: Panos Pictures

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