Phodar Biennial 2011: Call for Entries

Phodar Biennial is a large-scale photography project in Bulgaria, which encompasses an international photo competition (judged by an international panel), exhibitions by Bulgarian and international photographers, and a theoretical seminar.

The theme for the 7th Phodar Biennial is CONTEMPORARY MYTHS.

Humankind has always strived for the ideal, the absolute. The "real" consequence of this is the idealization and mythologization of people, events, processes, doctrines. Photography, which is essentially documentary, is expected to debunk myths, rather than create them, but … it is only a means. There might be many different points of view on this theme. 

The photographs will compete in the following categories:
  • Category One – a portfolio of 5-12 photographs with a coherent message;
  • Category Two – for single photographs;
  • Category Three (Photo School) – for photographers who are still studying or are at the beginning of their career.
  • Grand Award
750 EUR
  • Humanistic Photography Award
500 EUR
  • Category One Award
400 EUR
  • Category Two Award
300 EUR
  • Category Three Award
200 EUR
  • Special Award of the Salon
PHODAR statuette

Additional raffle prizes from sponsoring companies.

Salon Calendar:
  • Deadline for submission of entries 15 February 2011 (postmarked no later than that date).
  • Panel of judges session – 5-6 March 2011.
  • Exhibitions – 22 April - 31 May 2011 at Iliya Beshkov Art Gallery, Pleven. Opening ceremony – 22 April 2011, 6.30 p.m.
The Salon exhibition will be accompanied by numerous solo and group exhibitions and a two-day
theoretical seminar, entitled CONTEMPORARY MYTHS.

The Salon is open to photographers from all over the world. 

Website:  Phodar Biennial 2011


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      very interesting. thanks for promoting east european photography events as well. we don't usually hear photography news from this part of the world, although there are amazing talents that need to be promoted, and great events taking place.

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