Facebook Apologizes To US Birth Photographer For Disabling Account

January 8, 2011 /Photography NewsFacebook has apologised for disabling the account of a US birth photographer who posted maternity and birth pictures the company initially deemed inappropriate.

According to MSNBC,  Laura Eckert, a photographer specialized in pictures of pregnant women and the first moments of a baby's life, said some of her photos showed breasts, but she was careful to crop the nipples out so as to comply with Facebook’s “no-nudity” policy. Even so, last month Facebook wrote her an email saying it had removed inappropriate pictures from her profile. When she tried to log on to find out which ones were being called nudity, her account was disabled. Laura said she sent 30 or more e-mails to Facebook to inquire and try to be reactivated and didn't get a response until Thursday, a day after KCRG-TV in Cedar Rapids reported on her plight.

Her supporters have even started their own Facebook page titled, "Restore Laura Eckert's Account."

Facebook said Thursday its decision to disable Laura Eckert's account Dec. 22 was a mistake. 

Facebook spokesman Simon Axten said the company reviews thousands of pieces of content every day and takes action to ensure Facebook "remains a safe and trusted environment for everyone".

"Of course, we make an occasional mistake. This is an example," he said in an email. "When this happens, and it's brought to our attention, we work quickly to resolve the issue."

[Photo: Sean McGrath via Flickr]


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