French Photojournalist Wounded in Tunisia Protests Dies

January 16, 2011 /Photography News/ 32-year-old French photojournalist Lucas Mebrouk Dolega, who was wounded by a tear-gas canister while covering riots in Tunisia, died from his injuries on Sunday, his employer and French officials said.

Ben Ali's departure celebration in Marseille, France. January 15, 2011.  Photo: marcovdz
According to his colleague Julien Muguet, the grenade was fired at point blank range and hit the photojournalist in the head. He was given surgery in Tunisia's National Neurological Institute, but could not be saved.

The four weeks of protests which erupted over unemployment, poor living conditions and alleged government corruption have killed several dozen people, but Mebrouk Dolega was the first casualty from the foreign media.

An American photographer was also shot in the leg. 


  1. Anonymous says

    just another proof that photojournalists take any kind of risks to tell YOU stories

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