Law-Breaking Photographer Saves Surfer's Life

January 24, 2011 /Photography News/ At Mavericks, a Northern California surfing spot near Half Moon Bay, waves about 20 feet high nearly drowned a 30-year-old surfer, who was in critical condition as of Sunday evening, according to fire and hospital officials.

Pillar Point, Half Moon Bay, the home of the Mavericks Surf Contest. Photo: Dawn Endico
The incident occurred at approximately 9:45 am Saturday morning, when a huge set of waves caught a number of surfers by surprise.

The Southern California surfer Jacob Trette was forced underwater by that wave and subsequent waves, being pushed through the near-shore rocks underwater.

Fortunately his rescuer, a nearby kayaker and surf photographer Russell Ord, who was riding a personal watercraft, jumped in the water and pulled him onto the rescue sled attached to his ski. After bringing Trette to shore, CPR was performed by emergency responders to help revive him.

Russell Ord wasn't supposed to be in the lineup at Maverick's on his Wave Runner Saturday. Technically he was breaking a recently passed ban on personal watercraft in the Monterey Bay Marine Sanctuary imposed by NOAA. 

While Ord's presence may have miffed some, his heroic efforts saved the life of surfer Jacob Trette.
According to Stanford Medical Center Trette remains in critical condition.


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