NPPA's 2011 Best of Photojournalism Awards Call for Entries

January 11, 2011/Photography News/ Photojournalism is changing. Portable digital cameras are giving more people the basic tools to cover news events that affect their lives. Large media companies are integrating and showcasing photographic reporting in new ways. As a result, the popular culture is becoming more aware of visual journalism. The Best of Photojournalism seeks to recognize the best work coming from this changing landscape, and set new standards for the future.


1. Still Photography 
  • Cliff Edom’s ‘New America Award’
  • Returning Veterans, Coming Home
  • Photojournalist of the Year (large markets)
  • Photojournalist of the Year (smaller markets)
  • Sports Photojournalist of the Year
  • International News
  • International News Picture Story
  • General News
  • Domestic News
  • Domestic News Picture Story
  • The Road to Office
  • Road to Office Picture Story
  • Enterprise
  • Enterprise Picture Story (large markets)
  • Enterprise Picture Story (smaller markets)
  • Local Portrait and Personality
  • News Portrait and Personality
  • Portrait Series
  • Natural Environment
  • Natural Disaster
  • Environmental Picture Story
  • Conceptual Photographic Illustration
  • Sports Action
  • Sports Feature
  • Sports Picture Story
  • Olympics Feature
  • Olympic Action
  • The Art of Entertainment
  • Best Published Picture Story (large markets)
  • Best Published Picture Story (smaller markets)
  • Non-Traditional Photojournalism Publishing
2. (TV) News Video

3. Websites
  • News Video/48 hours
  • Feature Video
  • Sports Video
  • Documentary Video
4. Photo Editing

4.1. Magazine Picture Editing
  • Magazine Cover
  • Magazine News Story
  • Magazine Story Opener
  • Magazine Illustrative Story
  • Magazine Sports Story
  • Magazine Recurring Feature or Series
  • Magazine Personality Profile or Lifestyle Story
  • Magazine Picture Editor of the Year
4.2 Newspaper Picture Editing
  • Newspaper Front page
  • Newspaper News section front other than front page
  • Newspaper Sports Section Front
  • Newspaper Sports project
  • Single-page Newspaper Documentary/Photojournalism project
  • Multiple-page Newspaper Documentary/Photojournalism project
  • Newspaper Illustrative single page
  • Newspaper Illustrative multiple page
  • Newspaper Special Section or Reprint
  • Newspaper Recurring Feature or Series
  • Newspaper Picture Editor of the Year – TEAM
  • Newspaper Picture Editor of the Year – INDIVIDUAL
  • Single-page News
  • Multi-page news
4.3. Best Use of Photography
  • Newspapers with less than 75,000 circulation
  • Newspapers with circulation 75,000 and over
  • Magazines
  • Digital Magazine or Publication


Best of Photojournalism 2011 is open to professional photographers, editors and online photojournalists, and there is no entry fee. All entries must have been taken or initially published between January 1st and December 31st, 2010. Photographers do not need to be members of NPPA to enter.

Deadline: January 28, 2011

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