'Leica Explorers' Set Out In the Footsteps of the Great Explorers

February 16, 2011 /Photography News/ Travel Magellan's route in South America, explore Australia's Great Barrier Reef with James Cook's log book in your backpack or follow in the footsteps of Amundsen in the icy wastes of the Antarctic - the dream of a great voyage of discovery will soon become reality for ten adventurous globetrotters. They submitted their applications to become travelling Leica ambassadors in October 2010 and were selected from almost 1,000 applicants from 145 different countries. The Leica Explorers now set out on their travels with a Leica V-Lux 2, fully equipped for a journey by The North Face and with 2,000 euros for expenses along the way. The globetrotters will be keeping us up to date on their adventures with an exclusive travel diary of pictures and reports on their blogs at

The Leica V-LUX 2 digital compact camera is the ideal travelling companion for our adventurers. It is light, has a fast lens and is particularly versatile. With a range of focal lengths from 25 to 600 millimetres, it is a true alternative to SLR cameras and guarantees that visitors to the Explorer Blogs can enjoy fascinating insights into the countries travelled by our explorers.

The winners and their routes in detail:

  • Marcus Werner from Berlin will be following in the footsteps of Ferdinand Magellan on his journey to South America.
  • Sebastian Wolf from Magdeburg will be picking up the trail of Leif Eriksson in North America.
  • In India, our Canadian explorer Hubert Hayaud and his partner Mayra Roffe will be taking the routes explored by Ibn Battuta.
  • Lebanese explorer Roy Samaha is on the trail of James Bruce in Egypt.
  • Daisuke Takahashi from Japan will be following James Cook's route to Australia.
  • American explorer Christopher Butler will be following Marco Polo on the way to China.
  • Annie Atkins, our Irish explorer, will be travelling to Tibet to travel the routes of Nain Singh.
  • Saulius Damulevicius from Lithuania will follow Roald Amundsen to the Antarctic.
  • French adventurer Alary Romain takes up the trail of William Adams in Japan.
  • Our Dutch discoverer MayLee Weernik has already completed her adventurous journey. She explored the routes taken by David Livingston in Africa.


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