Looking at Partner's Photo 'Reduces Pain by 44%'

Photo: sïanaïs

February 25, 2011 /Photography NewsScientists at Stanford University have discovered that pictures of loved ones have the power to dull pain. 

As part of the research, the brains of lovestruck students were subjected to MRI scans as they focused on  photographs of partners while varying levels of heat pain were applied to their skin. 

According to the researchers, emotional attachment is directly linked to soothing pain, and image of a romantic partner has a calming effect in the pain processing areas of the brain, similar to the effect of paracetamol or narcotics like cocaine. 

Researchers found that on average the pain was reduced from 36 to 44 percent, with intense discomfort going down by up to 13 percent.

 Neuroscientist Jarred Younger said: “Love-induced analgesia appears to involve more primitive aspects of the brain, activating deep structures that may block pain at a spinal level.

“This tells us you don’t have to rely only on drugs for pain relief. People are feeling intense rewards without side effects of drugs.”


  1. Anonymous says

    Ohhh i agree, it's so true!
    Whenever i have small pains that sometimes might last couple of days, the best analgesic treatment for me are my thoughts, fantasies, a beautiful photo collection and vibes inspired from my sweetheart, who is for the moment, not with me physically!
    But my day dreaming, my thoughts mixed with elixir and my night dreams bringing her in my arms, finally makes my brain "drunk" and reduces my pain.
    Until we meet again...

    jane says

    have to try this.

    Unknown says

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