Update - Rihanna's S&M Outrage: Second Lawsuit Over Plagiarism

Update, June 26, 2011: Rihanna is facing second lawsuit over copyright infringement for her music video S&M, this time by photographer Phillip Paulus, according to

"For legitimate reasons the use of copying Paulus' work over a million times requires an agreement that protects the copyright and the achievements and creations of our client which has never been given by our client, neither to the artist Rihanna nor to her label Universal Music. According to this, the copyright laws of our client has been infringed and the worldwide million-wise exploitation of the video ‘S&M’ is unlawful," Paulus' lawyertells "Because the extrajudicial settlement agreements failed, Phillip Paulus, represented by his lawyer Jakober, will take legal action against Rihanna resp. Universal."

February 9, 2011 /Photography News/ Rihanna --already hit with one plagiarism scandal based on the similarities between her S&M video and David LaChapelle’s work-- is facing a new allegation of plagiarism after fashion photographer Philipp Paulus discovered that the scene with Rihanna being stuck behind plastic wrap against a press room wall mirrors his PAPERWORLD, a fashion editorial shot in August 2010. 

This isn't the first time Rihanna and music video director Melina Matsoukas have been accused of stealing from another artist. In February 2010, Matsoukas took some heat for ripping off M.I.A.'s "Boyz" for Rihanna's "Rude Boy" video.

Check out the images
provided by Philipp Paulus and compare. 

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  1. Anonymous says

    now why am i not surprised this happened again?

    JAY says

    Too bad the fetish porno photographers that Phillip Paulus stole his idea from don't sue him, too. Then this case could really interesting.

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