Passion Protest: A Photo Essay by Thomas Comery

July 1, 2011 /Photography News/ Passion Protest is a photo story documenting the relationship between protesters and police. The series of images looks into the different characters at the protests and how their reasons, opinions and lives contrast with the police, covering a wide range of groups and societies, from the English Defence League to the Election Meltdown Group.

Gaze Barrier. Photo: Thomas Comery

Laughers. Photo: Thomas Comery

Child's Play. Photo: Thomas Comery

English Pride. Photo: Thomas Comery

Flagged Up. Photo: Thomas Comery

Nice Man. Photo Thomas Comery

Standing Out. Photo: Thomas Comery

Shout. Photo: Thomas Comery
 About the photographer:

Thomas Comery started studying Photography in 2007 and went on to recieve a Distinction in Art and Design Foundation, winning the New College Nottingham Best in Show award in 2010 for his Passion Protest series and travelling to the Vennice Biennale. In September 2010, Thomas enrolled at Bolton University recieving the Bolton University Vice Chancellors Award for Academic Excellence. He is currently working on a new documentary photography magazine called PICT with the first issue scheduled for September. His work can be seen at and

Photos & text: Thomas Comery. All Rights Reserved
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  1. Yves Choquette says

    Nice! I'm doing an almost same project here in Montreal, I'm calling it "Social clash".

    allan milnes says

    Not the usual run of the mill protest photos.Great.

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