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July 30, 2011 /Photography News/ Amateur and professional photographers are invited to participate in diverse daily photo contests online at Every day different contest take place and everyone can participate for a chance to win cash and other valuable prizes.

The winners of the daily contests can join for free the weekly photo contest with prizes ranging from 70 to 500 Euro. Additionally, daily contests winners are automatically entered into the monthly photo contest.

How to enter in the photo contests at

Select any photo contests from the many that are constantly announced on the site and have your photos entered. There are different types of photo contests as follows:

1. Daily photo contest (no registration required)

Prizes: 175 Rushes (100 rushes equal 1 Eur)
Winners: 3 winners selected by users daily
There are 12 categories and the minimum number of participating photos is 10.

2. Weekly photo contest (for registered users only)

Prizes: 1706.1 USD (overall prize)
Winners: 36 winners selected by users & jury every week
There are 6 different themes and the minimum number of participating photos is 30.

3. Monthly photo contest (for winners of daily photo contest)

Prizes: 600 Rushes
Winners: 3 winners selected by users each month

4. Annual photo contest (for winners of weekly photo contest)

Prizes: 10% of the total prize money of all weekly photo contests
Winners: 6 winners selected by users & jury once a year

How to win a photo contest on

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