Announcing the TeraBella Media 'Photo of the Day' Website

August 17, 2011 /Photography News/ Photo of the Day  provides an avenue for photographers to have their work viewed by a vast audience from all over the world, displaying an exhibition of images chosen from submitted entries.

The website offers photographers an opportunity for an on line presence and for recognition from other photographers, gallery owners, collectors, and online photography sites. Additionally, it presents the opportunity for photographers to promote their work and provide information about themselves and their images, allowing them to further promote their work.

The Photo of the Day selection criterion is based on the photographer’s adherence to basic photographic principals combined with his or her ability to present a unique and personal interpretation of their chosen subject matter.

For photographers, Photo of the Day is a good springboard for getting their name out in front a global audience. For viewers, it is a good spot to start their day.

Photo of the Day is a property of the TeraBella Media Network of innovative sites dedicated to the photography industry. 


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