Twitter Integrates Photo-Sharing Application

August 11, 2011 /Photography NewsMicrobloggers can now directly upload their photos into Twitter and post them in their stream without having to use a third-party photo hosting service.

Twitter officially unveiled for all users the photo sharing feature it announced in June, offering a native version of a tool that until now was mostly the domain of third-party apps like Twitpic.

Twitter users can now post a photo within the body of a tweet by merely clicking on the small camera icon appearing below the tweet box. The icon then takes users through to their files, from where they can browse and upload the photo of their choice. Images are hosted by Photobucket, can be up to 3MB, and will come up in Twitter searches on the right-hand pane.

The social network plans to use the uploaded photos to create online media galleries “which will let you see the images a user has shared on Twitter.” 

The photo feature isn't yet available for mobile users. It is expected to arrive on smartphones in the fall, when Apple is expected to roll out its new operating system for mobile devices.

The new media galleries will include photos Twitter users have shared using Twitter’s new image uploading service as well as images that have been shared in the past from services such as Twitpic, yfrog and Instagram. 


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