2012 Hasselblad Masters Awards Winners

January 9, 2012 /Photography NewsCelebrating the best in photography and the tenth anniversary of the competition, Hasselblad has announced the 11 recipients of the Masters Award.

Master 2012, Wedding/Social
Milosz Wozaczynski, Poland
Masters 2012, Architectural
Frank Meyl, Germany
Masters 2012, Editorial
Jon Lowenstein, USA
Master 2012, Fashion/Beauty
Wai Kuen Eric Wong, Hong Kong
Master 2012, Fine Art
Christian Tagliavini, Switzerland
Master 2012, General
Ken Hermann, Denmark
Master 2012, Landscapes/Nature
Tom D. Jones, Belgium
Master 2012, Portrait
Denis Rouvre, France
Master 2012, Products
Joe Felzman, USA
Master 2012, Up & Coming
Vicente Ansola, Spain
Master 2012, Wildlife
Lucas Pupo, Brazil

Winners will be given access to an H4D, lenses and Phocus software for this year's project, creating a series of images based on their individual interpretations of the theme "evoke". As part of the Masters Awards, winners will also have their images published in the third annual commemorative Masters book: Masters Vol. 3 - EVOKE.

To find out more about the new Masters 2012 and their winning images, visit VICTOR online at:


  1. Anonymous says

    It seems Hasselblad have not been fair to all the entrants of this years Hasselblad masters awards 2012.

    Complaints were made to Hasselblad, several months ago, that some entrants have not conformed to the basic rules of entry for the competition where it states 'all 5 image submissions MUST be from the same series.

    3 entrants were outlined to Hasselblad within the Fashion/Beauty category that failed to fulfil this basic requirement. It now seems one of these 3 'rule breakers' has won their category stealing the title from genuine entrants.

    Hasselblad were notified of this several times and It has been ignored; Hasselblads response, from Denmark, was nothing but ignorant, rude and completely unfair to all those that have conformed to the rules of entry.

    The prestigipeous Hasselblad Masters Awards are flawed and sadly, unfair!

    This is not to say all photographers who ended are not talented, they indeed are- just that rules are rules and if exceptions are made for one, especially if it strengthens a portfolio submission or could sway the judges, then it should be an exception for all, or the competition is completely unfair.

    Those not conforming to the rules should be rejected or disqualified!

    I truly feel for all those who have lost out to such a shameful decision and opportunity.

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