$100,000 Future Generation Art Prize Call For Entries

Februaty 8, 2012 /Photography News/ The Future Generation Art Prize established by the Victor Pinchuk Foundation is a worldwide contemporary art prize to discover, recognize and give long-term support to a future generation of artists. The Prize will be a major contribution to the open participation of younger artists in the dynamic cultural development of societies in global transition.


All artists up to 35 may apply with their work without any restrictions concerning gender, nationality, race or artistic medium.


The main prize will be awarded to one artist who will receive the amount of US$ 100,000 from the international jury in the context of an exhibition. The prize will be split in US$ 60,000 in cash and US$ 40,000 for the investment of new work production.

Within the framework of selecting the main prize winner, the jury will have the opportunity to additionally award up to five special prizes to support young talents. The special prizes will not be bound to a financial award but rather serve above all to support the further development of the artists in form of residences in different art contexts. Up to US$ 20,000 can be divided for about five special prizes.

A selection committee will review the applications and select up to twenty artists for an exhibition at the PinchukArtCentre.

Deadline: 6 May 2012
Shortlist announcement: June 2012

Exhibition of the shortlisted artists: October 2012 - January 2013

Future Generation Art Prize Award Ceremony: December 2012



  1. gail says

    maybe the greatest art call for entries of all!

    Anonymous says

    In a world where we are finally becoming socially responsible, age discrimination is still alive and well.

    Who's to say that a 60 year old artist has less to contribute than a 20 year old? Ever hear of Ansel Adams? He was discovered very late in life, and we would have been deprived of his treasure if he were not recognized.

    Age restrictions are a devastating form of discrimination that conveniently slip under the radar. We should not stand for it.

    Eric Sander says

    I am totally against age discrimination or any. (Sometimes entries are for women only!!) Why putting an age limit?? I don't get it.Please explain why.
    Anyway, let 's continue to show the beauty of this world, no matter what.

    Ed says

    It is nice to see an appropriately awarded contest, that is the final prize allows for full funding of a show that is done right.

    I do have a concern. I haven seen very many contests for those who are still working to have similar notoriety and started a career after the age of 40. Those who have done so are left in the cold with no opportunities like this. There other contests yet the grand prize is much smaller, what does that say about the value of older artists?

    Anonymous says

    After years of saving and working on my portfolio around paid employment, I finally managed to study for an MA in photography, graduating last year. I am now 37 and count myself as an emerging artist, yet find myself ineligible for many of the competitions I assume are aimed at recent graduates and those whose artistic career is still evolving. Recent graduates of any age are in need of the support and advocacy that winning a competition such as this can bring.

    Pauline McCarthy says

    I too was very inspired to read about this contest and then my spirits fell when I saw the age limit. Even though I just got interested in photography last year, at 51 I am apparently over the hill. Why is it called "future generation art prize" I am more of a future generation than those just out of their teens :)

    Anyhoo! For those of you over the age limit on this contest and also those of you under it, you can all take part in Project 12. It is a global photography and art project making a record of the year 2012 and inspiring Peace and Environmental awareness. You can see it at: Oh, and I forgot to mention, you can win a trip for 2 to Iceland for a week with your own personal guide. Imagine all the amazing panoramic photos you could take in Iceland.

    Stephen S T Bradley says

    I have to agree with all previous comments, in regard to age discrimination

    Peace, Stephen

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