Remembering Julius Neubronner, inventor of pigeon camera

February 8, 2013 /Photography News/ Born 161 years ago, on 8 February 1852, Julius Neubronner was a German apothecary, inventor, company founder, and a pioneer of amateur photography and film, best known for inventing the pigeon camera for aerial photography. The invention brought him international notability, the method being used for military air surveillance in the First World War and later.

Julius Neubronner with pigeon and camera, 1914

Julius Neubronner's patented Pigeon camera with two lenses, with cuirass and harness
Sectional view and pneumatic system of Julius Neubronner's patented pigeon camera with two lenses

Detailed sketches of breast-mounted carrier pigeon camera with two lenses

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  1. Anonymous says

    "Carrier pigeons in Germany are being used to make aerial photographs by means of tiny automatic cameras which operate while the birds are in flight. Two hundred views can be taken by such a camera on one flight the shutter starting to click affter the bird is in the air. Pigeons are trained at a special Government school for this work as well asi for carrying message tubes which are attached to their legs while the camera is strapped to the breast." (from "Carrier pigeons with cameras", 1932)

    Anonymous says

    I love this and my mom said that we are related to him god bless him.

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